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You battle against robots using standard attacks, as well as combo attacks. By crushing the enemy, you can open up the way forward. By attacking the enemy, you can gain skill points, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks on large groups of enemies all at once. After clearing each stage, use the coins you have collected to strengthen your character, allowing you to take on even more enemies. You can also use coins to purchase different costumes with various abilities.


Smashing the Battle VR will take the player to the year of 2085 where a massive scale of hacking incidents happen. A huge multiplex construction site becomes a victim of the incident and the construction robots start to attack the workers on-site. Pick one of two heroines to join the battle and follow the storyline of the player-selected heroine!

The enemy robots will not simply stand and let the player smash them. They will try to prevent the player from investigating an incident. In the battle, the player will also find various obstacles that are set by the robot as the attempt to stop the player. Be strategic and use different tactics to defeat them and execute combos to keep the combat interesting.

In a France-inspired realm of musketeers, Chefs are regarded as elite warriors and clerics blessed by the Five Gods. Chef Adamantine Garland and her long-lost daughter, Princess Solenn, battle assassins and court intrigues as war looms over them. 041b061a72


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