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Buy Statue Of Liberty Ferry Tickets

Statue City Cruises is the ONLY vendor authorized to provide tickets and transportation to Liberty and Ellis Islands. No other ferry company can give you access to the Islands, monuments, and museums.

buy statue of liberty ferry tickets

The Statue of Liberty National Monument receives thousands of visitors every day, and it is a must on your list of things to do in New York. To get there you need to book a ticket for the round trip ferry. You get on a ferry boat to the Statue of Liberty and it is the only way you can visit Liberty Island and Ellis Island and the iconic monument. It will give you a beautiful view of the New York and New Jersey skyline. You can book your tickets to take the round trip ferry from either Battery Park in New York or Liberty State Park from New Jersey. The most popular choice is to take the ferry from New York, but the tickets are widely more available from New Jersey. From either side, you will get a spectacular boat ride, a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty on sea, of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, and the skyline of both cities. The Statue of Liberty Ferry ride will take you on a day tour to visit the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island and you also get to explore Ellis Island and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum that has a free entrance fee. Be sure to pick a departure time before 2 PM if you want to visit and explore both islands.

When you are visiting New York, you should not miss out on the wonderful opportunity to visit the iconic Statue of Liberty. The only way to access this monument is to book Statue of Liberty Ferry tickets that will grant you a round trip ferry road to visit Liberty Island and Ellis Island. These tickets can be purchased on site or online, and we highly recommend you buy them online in advance to make the best of your day tour. The Statue of Liberty ferry tickets price will depend on what kind of tour you want to make on your visit. All of the tickets options include the round trip ferry road to and from the islands. Although tickets from Battery Park in Manhattan are more popular, you can choose to make the ferry ride from Liberty State Park in New Jersey as well, which usually has more availability and can be more flexible to adapt better to your schedule.

The ferry tickets to Statue of Liberty price will depend on the tour you select to visit Liberty Island and Ellis Island, it is a round trip boat ride that you can take from either New York or New Jersey, whichever accommodates you best.

When you buy ferry tickets for the statue of liberty with Statue Cruises online, you will choose which type of ticket you want to purchase between standard, pedestal reserve or crown reserve.

I did not realize when we pre-purchased our Reserve Pedestal Access tickets that those tickets would allow us to enter a shorter security screening line to board the ferry boat at Battery Park. We heard the lines could be very long, so we arrived at Battery Park 90 minutes before our scheduled pedestal access ticket time.

Tickets include round-trip ferry rides, an audio tour, access to the Ellis Island Museum and the Statue of Liberty pedestal (the crown of the statue is currently not open to the public). Ferries run from morning through late afternoon. Check here for updated times.

DEPART FROM NEW JERSEY: If all Statue of Liberty tickets with ferry departure from New York are sold out, look for tickets with ferry departure from New Jersey Liberty State Park. You can get there via public transportation (discover how here) and on the way back you can opt for the ferry that takes you back to Battery Park or Liberty State Park.

The statue of Liberty ferry and ticket office is located at Battery Park in Manhattan. Ferries open at 8:30 am and we suggest getting there as early as possible to be at the front of the line.

To visit the crown of the Statue of Liberty tickets cost an extra $3. You should also book ahead of time (we have read up to three months in advance) at the website as times are designated on a first come first serve basis as well. Reservations will also put you ahead of the line to go through security when entering the Statue of Liberty ferry terminal.

When you arrive at Liberty Island, be sure to check the ferry times as you walk out for your trip onward. We planned for 90 minutes at the statue so we kept an eye out for the ferry that was scheduled 2 hours after our visit. That way we could have a 30-minute cushion should the line be too long (which it always is).

Really informative article! I feel if you have a bit of money to spare, taking a helicopter ride can be a great idea. It gives you a great view of the statue of liberty. Plus, you do not have to wait for hours in lines!

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most noteworthy symbols for New York. It symbolises political freedom and democracy. Located in New York Harbour, it is also seen as the unofficial entrance to New York City and welcomes visitors from all around the world. Given to the United States as a present from the people of France for the centennial of the American Revolution, the statue opened to the public in 1886. Buy your Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ferry tickets here

Visitors can stop by the Information Center, explore the Statue of Liberty Museum, visit the pedestal and walk up to the statue's crown during their visit (with advance reserve tickets). The museum houses artifacts, including the original torch, as well as multimedia displays detailing the statue's history and creation. Meanwhile, the on-site Information Center offers brochures and tour schedules. Kids can join the Junior Ranger program at the center by picking up a booklet of activities to complete to earn a special badge. Any visitor is welcome to take a free Park Ranger guided tour of the statue's exterior, which explains how the statue was made, its symbolism and more, or use a self-guided audio tour.

Restrooms are available in the gift shop and in the statue's lobby. No large bags (carry-on luggage, large suitcases, etc.) are allowed on Liberty Island. Backpacks, strollers, large umbrellas and food and drink are prohibited inside the statue. Locker facilities to store personal items during your visit are available at the base of the statue; lockers accept quarters only. You will need an ID to pick up your tickets from will call (if you choose to get your tickets there). If you plan to visit the crown, each ticket holder will need to show a valid ID along with the ticket that bears their name; minors without ID are exempt from this policy.

Travelers love seeing the Statue of Liberty up close. Multiple tourists recommend departing as early as possible to make sure you have enough time to see everything, especially if you combine your trip to Lady Liberty with a visit to nearby Ellis Island. If you purchase a ferry ticket for 2 p.m. or later, you will not be able to go to both islands, but will have to pick either Liberty or Ellis Island. Reviewers recommend allotting at least half a day to see everything and suggest going in the morning to avoid crowds. They also stress booking tickets to the crown several months in advance to make sure you obtain tickets.

You'll need to take a ferry to reach Liberty Island. Before you board, you'll go through an airport-style security screening, and if you plan to go inside the statue, there will be an additional screening before you enter. The ferry departs from two locations: Battery Park in New York City and Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey. Ferry operators recommend arriving about 30 minutes ahead of your reserved time.

One of the points I want to stress (and which applies to this option as much as to any other that takes you there) is that the views of the Manhattan Skyline from the ferry and from Liberty Island are spectacular. Once you get to the statue, inside, you can visit the impressive museum dedicated to the history of the construction of this iconic monument, and look out over the observation deck from which you can see Manhattan in the distance as if it were a postcard.

Prices to visit the Statue of Liberty can vary depending on whether you choose to buy a standard ticket or a guided tour, but tours usually start from 50 Euros and include tickets, ferry and an expert guide.

If you prefer to go on your own, you can find tickets from around 20 Euros for the pedestal, but you will have to buy separate ferry tickets and pay for a guided tour if you choose to visit the Statue and Liberty Island with a guide.

There is only one way to get to Liberty Island from NYC and it is via the official ferry that departs from Battery Park. That's it! Your only option! Unless you're coming from New Jersey! Still, because the Statue of Liberty's overwhelming popularity and international fame make it an easy cash cow for the enterprising grifter, below-board street vendors have long peddled tickets for tours that will take you in that general direction, if not quite there: tours that circle around the island without ever making landfall, and may therefore leave customers feeling distinctly scammed.

The Statue of Liberty is a must-see destination for families in New York City. Be sure to buy tickets or discount passes in advance and arrive early to avoid long lines. Save time to visit Ellis Island too. It's included with your ferry pass.

Where: Liberty Island. Purchase ferry tickets from Statue Cruises at Battery Park in Manhattan or Liberty State Park in New Jersey. Purchase advance ferry tickets at If you arrive early, and don't need guaranteed crown or pedestal access, you probably don't need to purchase in advance.

Your CityPASS does not include crown access or monument access, but if you arrive early in the day, complimentary monument access tickets (to the museum and base of the statue) are given on a first-come, first-serve basis to CityPASS holders. We arrived as the first ferry of the day was loading and received the monument tickets and did not have to stand in line. 041b061a72


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