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A vape tank is a refillable cartomizer which holds the e-juice, and therefore the tank is a very important component of vaping. We produce a selection of the best vape tanks you will find available today, whether you are just starting out, upgrading your vaping kit, or need the best tank for a specialised set up to produce clouds of thick dense vapor. Our pioneering vape tanks are designed to suit diverse set ups and create a convenient and satisfying vaping experience full of flavor.

Tank Top Strip.mp4

No matter your vaping proficiency level, take a look at our bestselling Cascade tank series. This popular tank is super easy to use, has a powerful bottom air flow, and will suit any vape mod. Furthermore, it looks stunning!

The best vape tank for beginners is definitely the VM Tank. It is available in multiple sizes, is super easy to use and the pyrex glass tube is very long lasting. For budget conscious vapers the VM Tank is the best option. It is very affordable without sacrificing on quality or performance. If it is flavor you want then your best bet is the new SKRR-S tank which runs on either QF or GT coils and has a flax fibre wick which absorbs more juice for more intense flavors. And finally, the best tank for big clouds is definitely the sub-ohm Cascade tank. The Cascade has a very unique isolation feature so your coil remains saturated leading to bigger, thicker vapor clouds. Great for tricking.

Assuming you are using a reusable vape tank and not a disposable, then you should make a habit of cleaning your tank thoroughly at least once a week. This can be done by rinsing any remaining e-liquid away under warm running water, then use a tissue and/or cotton bud to remove any excess water and juice from the tank. You may need to do this a couple of times to make sure the tank is left clean and dry before use again. If you really want to get techy you can also buy an ultrasonic cleaning device into which you can drop your tank and let the device do all the hard work. This is handy especially if you change flavors regularly.

As long as you clean your tank and then make sure it is stored somewhere dry you should be all good. You definitely should not store a dirty tank for any length of time because the juice does have a shelf life and won't be usable if the tank is left after some weeks or months. Better to give it a good clean and store empty and dry. Note though that coils can dry out quickly so you need to check the coils when you pull your gear out of storage.

Cuffs are useful to protect your vape tank from any damage such as cracking or even shattering. A cracked tank will not be usable so a cuff is a good idea, especially if you tend to give your gear a bit of a hard time! Left to rattle around in the car or in the bottom of a bag and your tank can easily get damaged so a cuff can help reduce this risk.

It is actually your coil which is probably in more danger of rusting, rather than the tank itself, but either way the issue of rust only arises if your tank (or coil) gets wet with water and is left wet. The solution is to simply make sure you keep your gear free of water. When cleaning your tank (or coil) make sure all water is dried awar immediately after.

How to fill your vape tank depends on the particular tank you are using. Our tanks have different structures. Some of them like the Skrr S tank and the VM tank, you might need to unscrew the top part and find the filling hole to fill. Some like the NRG family, you will need to slide and open the top part and then the hole shows up. The Guardian tank might be the complicated one which you will have to remove the drip tip and then the top part to find the filling hole. Again you'll want to use a squeezable fill bottle to poke into the fill hole.

To empty your vape tank simply remove the top of the tank, usually this is a case of unscrewing it, and pour out the remaining juice. If you are emptying your tank to change flavors you'll want to give the tank a good clean before using again with the new flavor.

To change e-juice flavors you will need to empty your tank before giving it a thorough clean. Only after you have emptyied and cleaned your tank will you be able to refill with the new flavor. This is a good reason to have more than a single tank and coil so you can switch flavors more quickly.

If your tank is leaking the first thing to do is check that it isn't cracked or perhaps the o-rings at the top and bottom of the tank may be damaged or perished. A cracked tank will leak and there really is no other solution than replacing it. Perished o-rings may be replaceable depending on the tank you are using. Assuming your tank is not damaged, then you should check that you havn't accidentally spilled some juice into the chimney when filling, or possibly have left your device on its side for an extended period of time. If left horizontal for too long your juice will sometimes leak from the air holes. To fix this try to carry your device in the upright position as much as possible.

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