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The Teaching Profession Book by Puritabilbao: How It Aligns with OBE and PPST

In other words, you must broaden your teaching perspectives. Expanding your experiences beyond the confines of your classroom to the wider learning environment of the world is one of the many avenues in order to achieve a level of competitiveness. And you can enhance your professional development and broaden your perspectives through Teacher Exchange Programs.

The Teaching Profession Book By Puritabilbao


The time, when our only option was just to read stories from the books for the class, is up. We are now currently living in the 21st century where it is known to be our technologically ever-advancing world. This is the century where we emphasize the use of technology. And this technology, if integrated to educational systems, can (a) provide support to teaching in the resolutions of meaningful problems, (b) act as scaffolding to learning, and (c) promotes independent learning and collaboration with experts.


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