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My Blue Heaven

An ancient range, a stainless steel sink and a century-old history of entertaining the islanders sat inside the shuttered blue building on Petronia Street in the heart of old Key West, in the Florida Keys.

My Blue Heaven

'Best value on the beach! MBH is a hidden gem with a fantastic upper deck that has sweeping views of Surfside Beach and the pier. The owner is always a pleasure to deal with and he updates his charming beach house with thoughtful touches. This rental has the best stocked kitchen we've seen, with every size pot and pan imaginable, plus TWO blenders...and sharp knives. The downstairs apartment is always the space we fight over as it is compact, cozy and bright. My Blue Heaven is truly heavenly!'

One coat will create a translucent finish with subsequent coats increasing opacity. We suggest 2-3 coats for opacity and all over coverage. Let dry between coats. Stroke & Coat glazes will fire to a gloss finish without clear glaze. However, if desired, a clear glaze may be added. For application to clay, we recommend leaving an area unglazed, such as the back or bottom of the ware, to allow for out-gassing of the clay during the firing process. Stroke & Coat glazes have been formulated to mature at shelf cone 06/05. Most Stroke & Coat glazes will maintain their color at higher temperatures, especially reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blues. Their performance changes at cone 6 is noted on each individual product label. We recommend testing prior to use.

Cone 06: (1st image) Speckled My Blue Heaven is a heavily pigmented, viscous Stroke & Coat glaze with blue specks that can be used for brush strokes or opaque coverage. One coat will create a translucent finish with subsequent coats adding opacity. We suggest two to three coats for full opacity and all over coverage. Will fire to a gloss finish without clear glaze.

Images taken using red, green and blue spectral filters were combined to create this color view. The image was taken with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on April 1, 2007 at a distance of approximately 2 million kilometers (1.2 million miles) from Saturn and at a Sun-Saturn-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 86 degrees. Image scale is about 12 kilometers (7 miles) per pixel.

You can sort of see what he means - the upward phrases of the main theme; the descents of the middle-eight: it's all very efficient, but, if the billiard table hadn't opened up, maybe he would have given it another go, and polished this or complicated that. And for three years the public seemed minded to agree. George Whiting sang it in his act, and it went nowhere. "Blue Heaven" means that it's heavenly bliss and it's twilight. It's so familiar a title today that we don't even think about it, but it's very particular and I wonder if, in the hands of a clunky vaudevillian, it was just too sensitive an image to put over.

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